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Default email address in error reports

03-22-2023 09:38 PM
Status: Already Offered
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It would be handy if we could optionally set up a default email address to be used in ArcGIS Pro error reports. That would be convenient. But also ensure that we include our email address in those reports. I often forget, which doesn't help Esri troubleshooters.


In Pro 2.6.8, I don't think the "Save email address" option works. But maybe it does in later versions.

Related: What happens when you include your email address with an error report?

Edit: I think this idea can closed. The "Save email address" option likely works in 3.1.


I feel like my default email address is in my error box but I don't remember (without trying to trigger an error). I'll get one today and report back! 😜

I'm using 3.1 (which has given me more errors than I can count!).


Yeah, mine remembers me.

Status changed to: Already Offered

Entering your email address and checking that 'Save email address' option should keep that field populated in the event of a future software failure. It is stored in the registry as described here

This should accomplish what you're after; i.e. have the email address automatically populated there. We appreciate you including it when submitting a report as there is an outreach team that may need to contact you if further details are needed to fix a crash.