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Decision Tree for ArcGIS Pro

09-10-2018 07:46 AM
Status: Closed
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I could use an "Am I ready for Pro?" quiz (decision tree) that logically walks users through the things they need to do for a given project and lets them know if Pro can handle the task.  Instead of trying to navigate GeoNet and bug lists, it could start with questions like "Is this an analysis, map, or both", move into questions such as "Is the map data local or hosted?" or "Do you use the attribute assistant?"  and end with things like "Will this map need touched up in AI"?


The quiz could be updated with each release.


Maybe add:

Is the mxd used in AGS publishing where portal is not available?

Does data view contain graphics that are necessary for printing layouts?

Does data viewed in ArcMap meet Pro standards that are higher?


"Is your data in .mdbs? [if so, can it be migrated?"  "Are you developing annotation that will be used by ArcMap 10.x users?"


Do you need to create a 3D model?  Will you be importing data from AutoCAD 2018?  Do you have the need for speed[y processing of large vector/raster datasets]?  Are you editing hosted data layers?  Are you new to GIS?


I think the first question needs to be:

- Do you have at least 100GB free disk space available on an SSD storage for Windows Virtual Memory / swap space?

I recently noticed Windows allocating more than 60(!)GB virtual memory while having two sessions of Pro open at a time...Admittedly, I was pushing Pro with projects with over 400 layers in the TOC of a map, but ArcMap opens up similar projects in a few GBs.

As I experienced, Pro will crash if you can't take that sort of hit and don't have virtual memory / allocatable free disk space available for this. This will also only properly work with SSD. Imagine writing 50GB to a tradional hard drive each time Pro needs it...

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After careful consideration, we feel that the benefit to be gained by this idea does not warrant the resources to implement it.

Here are some resources that might help:

Status changed to: Closed