Decide if data sources should be checked before opening map

09-21-2016 05:45 AM
Status: Open
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It would be a great performance enhancement if a user could decide NOT to check the datasources of an aprx or mxd when opening (optionally, not default). This way a user could directly start repairing datasources where he/she knows that this is necessary anyway.

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This appears to be a new "feature" in 10.4.1 which did not exist in previous releases. If the .sde connection file cannot be found this breaks the MXD. In previous releases the sde connection information persisted in the map document if the password option was saved in the original .sde connection file. 

Thanks! Now we have a number of broken MXD's which open just fine in previous releases, what was the intention of this change especially at this point in the lifecycle of the ArcMap product which is end-of-life . 

Guess we have to contact support who probably have no clue this change was introduced and spend a 1/2 day explaining it and demonstrating it to them. 

How about reverting the functionality back to how it used to be? Unfortunately arcpy will not be able "respond" to a check data source option unless the mapping modules are updated.