DataManagement: 3D-Point-Features to 3D-Line-Features

11-12-2012 02:16 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The data from GPS-Trackers are often saved as single point rows. It is stored in CSV or TXT-Files. Generally there is a attribute for elevation/altitude. 

This data can be import to ArcCatalog / ArcGIS with the Toolbox "Make XY Layer...".

So, we have a lot of Points in a Point-Featureclass. But a driven "Track" should not be represented as single-points, but as line-feature. 

Actually it is not possible to convert 3D-Points (elevation/altitude from attribute) into a 3D-Line-Feature.

Through 3D analyst one can create 3D points from a  2D points fc.
At that stage all the attributes of all the points is still there. Now with your suggested 3D-Point-Features to 3D-Line-Features the input points will be the vertices of the created line. I expect the all the attributes will be maintained a every vertice of the line.
So a line-vertice with have more the just an X,Y,Z value.
this would be extremely useful, particularly for creating a polyline representative of a continuous collection of data from a terrestrial lidar scan.