Data Driven Reference Scale

01-24-2020 10:38 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to use a data driven reference scale.  This would allow me to create clean maps.  I often work with 2 or more scales when creating maps.  Sometimes I would like to set the reference scale to be specific for an index Map that shows all of my map boundaries and sometimes I would like to keep the reference scale the same as the rest of the maps so that it's like a "Blowup View" of the same map.  


This already exists.  Use the Extent tab and go to Data Driven Scale.  You have an attribute in your data driven feature to tell it what scale you want.


It sounds like this idea may be requesting what was requested in Reference Scale for single layers ?

I wonder how much of the need would be addressed with Scale-based symbol classes—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation , Scale-based symbol sizing—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation and Use display filters—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  in ArcGIS Pro.