Data Driven Pages - Dynamic Text On Multiple Tables

05-16-2012 05:29 AM
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Currently the dynamic text function only returns records from the attribute table selected as the data driven page. However, would it be possible to set the dynamic text to show records from another table, that is related on a specific field?


I have ward data that is set as the data driven page.
I have town centre data that also have the ward data within them. I.e. what ward the town centre falls in.

Now i know i can create dynamic text for anything in the ward table due to this being my data driven page.
But i cannot set it to say 'Town size' field using my town centre table data. Even if i relate the two tables together it doesnt do anything.

So my idea is simply, either include relates in dynamic text or a popup table that allows you to add dynamic text from another table after specifying the link between the two tables.

p.s. I know it can be done through python scripting.

You can accomplish this if you join your town centre data to the ward data. After you create the join you could enable the dynamic text by changing the property to equal <tablename>.<fieldname> where tablename represents the name of the joined table and fieldname represents the field in the joined table you want to display the attribute for. For example:

<dyn type="page" property="CentreData.TOWN_SIZE"/>
Ah good idea!
But a very large table now :/
In addition, this needs to work not just for tables within a geodatabase or shapefile, but also tables linked from other sources, such as MS Access.
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This is available with table dynamic text in ArcGIS Pro. 

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