Data Driven Page Multiple element indexes.

05-11-2011 08:30 AM
Status: Open
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I would like to see multiple element references being allowed in a Data Driven Page system, where the current system restricts the DDP core data to be limited to only one layer.

I would like to see multiple layer aspects allowed, as doing this would allow for multiple parameters that would be more precise in locating the position the DDP will center the Data Frame on, and allow for more control by the user.  

Allowing the DDP to reference say: a PLSS grid AND City/tribal boundaries, or perhaps a road layer and sewage line layer so as to be more specific and individual for various maps. Multiple element referencing would also allow for greater dynamic text use and positioning as well as analysis.

Multiple references would also allow for Dynamic Text to display other information that currently cannot be changed easily.

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Thank you for posting your idea. As a thought of one way you could accomplish this workflow you might consider using a tool like intersect or Union to create one output from multiple layers. The output would contain unique features for every combination of overlapping features from the inputs and have the attributes of each giving you more precise locations to center on and access to greater information in the dynamic text.