Dark Map Background color in ArcGIS Pro Dark Mode

03-21-2019 08:08 AM
Status: Open
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  Currently when using the dark theme in Pro, if you open a new map, the background color is set to transparent, but the transparency is rendered as white.  I typically change this to 80% gray to match the dark theme, but I've realized that this means I don't have transparency anymore.  I think it would make more sense for the transparency to render as 80% gray, since that is the default background color for all the other panes in the program.  Showing white feels to me like the white is a background color, not that it is indicating transparency, as nothing else is white in the program.


Do you perform editing in Pro with the dark background using the fillet tool?  I ask because users have experienced the fillet selection color (which currently cannot be changed as far as we can tell) blending in with the dark background making the fillet tool very hard to use in Pro.


I don't think I've ever used the fillet tool.


For my purposes, I would also be happy if there were just an option to choose the default background color for new maps (since, like Forrest, I always just change it to 80% grey to match Dark Mode).


Yes, same issue with the fillet tool...you can't see it with a black background and it really stinks!