Cut Polygon Tool for Pro. Equivalent to ArcMap.

06-19-2019 09:46 AM
Status: Open
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MVP Alum

Currently there is no Cut Polygon Tool for Pro and you have to use Split or Divide.   The problem with Split or Divide is the attributes are constrained by the domain split policy.  The default for this is to NOT duplicate the attributes.   So when you use the Split tool you lose of all your attributes as a default.  ArcMap users never had to worry about this because the Cut Polygon Tool was  mostly used and it keeps your attributes, it is not constrained by the domain split policy. The Split in ArcMap was only for those with Advanced licenses. If you have a lot of databases with domains you now need to go and change the domain split policy for every feature you want to keep the attributes when you split.  


Seems worthwhile, cut polygon is an excellent tool in ArcMap

I just think for simplicity perhaps it would be easier to not introduce more tools and have the split function have 'duplicate' as the default behaviour or a configurable application setting.

Real-life example:  You have a chocolate cake with ganache and rainbow freckles on top (the domain attribute).  You cut (split) it into two portions.  Do you have two parts of chocolate cake with freckles on icing (what you would expect) or do you have a plain chocolate cake with nothing on it (Esri)?

Don't take our toppings, Esri!

Edit: Same issue covered here 


I've been using using arcmap over the past 8 years. I am just shocked that ArcPro doesn't have an equivalent of CUT. The split make you loose all the records!!


This added a tonne of confusion (and embarrassment as I had someone watching me complete what I said would be a simple task).  I assumed that because I am only working with the geometry it would keep attributes rather than clearing them.  Because I had my symbology set on these attributes the objects would disappear altogether from my view. 

My data is hosted in AGOL however I was editing in Pro, so I would never have thought of editing the domain details within Pro.  Is there a place in AGOL for this setting to be done?

My suggestion would be for a simple radio button within the Split tool for the option to duplicate attribute details or clear attribute details each time the tool is run.


Our organisation makes extensiv euse of the cut polygon tool.  whey can't the tool be added to the ArcPro system?  Simply cutting a polygon and retaining the attributes is very valuable!


Two and half years later and this is still an issue for polygons and lines? Why do you change settings for tools that were used for years in ArcMap that functioned a specific way and then completely change it for the worse. Ever seen and SDSFIE GDB? They have 1000's of domains. Is there a way to change all of the domain split policies within a GDB to duplicate at once?