Customize the vertical exaggeration when creating profiles with the Profile Graph tool

01-22-2013 10:34 AM
Status: Open
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In 3d analyst, there is a profile graph tool that easily makes elevation profiles. I would like there to be a simple way to set it so that the vertical exaggeration will remain the same for multiple profiles.
I have clients wanting a number of these done, with the vertical exaggeration matching in all of them (for comparison purposes). I think there should be a way to set this easily. Each profile is a different length and may have slightly different elevation values, so the size of the profile graph window would change when you change the vertical exaggeration.
I have researched other software options that also make profiles from elevation grids. Golden software makes a program called surfer. They have an option to set both the vertical and horizontal scale for each profile. If each profile has the same vertical scale, and each profile has the same horizontal scale, by default each profile will have the same vertical exaggeration. I would like to see a similar option added to the profile graph tool in 3d analyst.
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Not being able to control the vertical or horizontal scale makes this entire tool useless to me. I work for a land surveying company, so any time we add a profile to a survey plan, it must be to scale, and not having any direct control over that when creating a profile means it is of zero use to me. Seems natural to include this functionality to me rather than forcing users to go to another software package.