Currency Number Format - Set Number of Decimal Places

11-22-2010 07:20 AM
Status: Open
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Currency Number Format should have the ability to set the number of digits.  We do not need pennies to be shown for a lot of our values (implies precision when the value itself is the result of a model and has an error range).  Currently have to set the format to number with 0 decimal places and Show thousands separators on, then add a Dollar Sign during the label process. 

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please add this functionality, seems like it should not be that difficult to do. thanks!

I agree, this would be super helpful if added. I'd like to be able to see a dollar sign, show thousand separators and not see decimals.

I'm using a table frame inside of a layout in Pro. I'm displaying dollar amounts in the range of 1,000 - millions of dollars. I don't need to see the cents (decimal places). One option could be this idea, allow the ability to control the decimals inside of currency formatting - might be difficult due to it depends on the individual computer's settings. Another option would be to allow for the option to add a "Prefix" inside of the Numeric formatting (Number Format window). There's already a Suffix option, allowing a prefix would allow you to put a dollar sign in front of a number.

I've also tried the "custom" formatting of "$###,###,###" - this makes it worse, showing extra commas for the thousands values, but perfect for the millions values.