Creating Locator able to search for UTM coordinates

10-19-2021 03:52 AM
Status: Open
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When creating a locator, you can enable it to search for coordinates. Some of the documentation "Create a locator" hints that you can enable several coordinate systems, including UTM, but this is a misstake. "Tips for improving geocoding" lists the coordinatsystems it supports and UTM is not one of them (al though it lists MGRS so the implementation of UTM should not be hard to do).

I would like the UTM system to be implemented in the locator so that i may search for UTM coordinates using this tool.

Example problems I encounter is that I can not search for UTM coordinates in ArcGIS Portal, in the web map viewer, in the search field (I can only search for Lat/long). An other problem is that apps we create can also not search for UTM coordinates (a workaround in apps is to use the convert coordinate widget, but that is not the way we wish to do it.)