Create Voronoi Partitions (Thiessen Polygons) from Polygon Features

02-26-2019 03:05 PM
Status: Open
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There are many use cases that require the creation of Voronoi partitions (Thiessen polygons) from polygon features (e.g. Thiessen binning). Unfortunately, the current [Create Thiessen Polygons] geoprocessing tool cannot process this requirement on its own. The [Create Thiessen Polygons] geoprocessing tool only supports the creation of Thiessen polygons from points. While there are workarounds, there are many use cases where these workarounds fail due to computer processing limitations and geoprocessing tool limitations. Esri Technical Services recognizes these limitations. And so, it would be useful for spatial data analysts to have a stand-alone geoprocessing tool that is able to efficiently generate Theissen polygons from polygon features of any reasonable size and complexity.

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Eddie Walsh  How would the polygon be used in the creation? Each vertex in the polygon? The centroid? The centroid within the polygon?

Can you give an illustration?