Create tools to outline pixel boundaries, label the pixel values and show pixel centroids

03-19-2010 12:52 PM
Status: Open
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Outlining pixel values is a key aspect of checking pixel alignment issues.  For years I’ve used a sample called the Cell Tool to accomplish this and other tasks like labeling and showing cell centers.  Having some tools like this are helpful for understanding raster analysis results or the results of mosaic operations.  It helps to determine if resampling occurred because of shifted cells.  For labeling I would like to see options to reduce the number of labels displayed.  Sometimes it would be nice to label all pixels, but for something like Landuse I would want to specify only label if X number of pixels are continuous.

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Great Idea. I am giving this idea a thumbs up myself.  I will discuss this with the Raster Teams at our next Idea's meeting.  Thanks for contributing!