Create registry key entry for central IT monitoring of single use desktop licenses across a network

09-06-2013 07:08 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor
Some customers have not implemented concurrent use on parts of their network. There is currently no automated way for a central IT person to know who has licensed a single use version of software at any given time. This was confirmed by support incident #1188602.  There are several registry keys that show the LAST version of software used on the machine, but in the case of a deauthorization, the registry key does not show the license as being out of use.  If a registry key were added to show a deathorization, or an actual license state, then a central IT person could remotely monitor, on all computers. the actual licensing state of single use licenses across the network. Currently one must open up ArcGIS Administrator onthe local machine to know the license state, which is a tedious process across an entire network of users.  Concurrent use, which would solve this issue, for some customers is not always possible.