Create Data Types INSIDE ArcMap

06-22-2010 11:06 AM
Status: Open
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ESRI please add:
'Create Shapefile' [Point,Line,Polygon] +set datum/projection
'Create Geodatabase' [All known data types] +set datum/projection
INSIDE ARCMAP [for the 10th time of asking]
(Like Arctoolbox merge ArcCatalog & ArcMap into one)

And when EDITING a table in ArcMAP please allow a new field to be created without requiring to be NOT editing the table.

Curreent Solution
Geowizards 9.9 [soon to be 10] can do this and much more for free.

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ArcToolbox already allows you to create new shapefiles, feature classes, and geodatabases from within ArcMap, even in version 9.