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Create an ArcGIS Pro SaaS offering on Azure

03-06-2023 07:40 AM
Status: Open
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Our organization is starting a journey to migrate its current environment consisting of an on-prem managed Citrix cluster running ArcMap to a modern Azure hosted, ArcGIS Pro environment.

In order to simplify the technology stacks that our organization manages, we always look towards SaaS and PaaS offerings before we build infrastructure that we have to manage ourselves.  So, when we were looking at solutions to host ArcMap in a virtual desktop environment, I was hoping to find a SaaS offering for ArcMap Pro. 

The solution seems to be an Azure Virtual Desktop environment with ArcGIS Pro installed.  This is a non-trivial service to configure and operate.  By having a SaaS solution, I would hope to reduce my ongoing operational effort by having a SaaS Virtual Desktop environment with ArcGIS Pro as a offered service.

Ideally, the SaaS offering would allow me to:

  • Pay only for the licenses and compute/storage I consume.
  • Allow for Pro Addins to be developed and deployed to my ArcGIS Pro environment.
  • Allow for integration with an ArcGIS Enterprise environment(s) already existing within my organization (on Azure)

As an organization that is trying to focus its effort on building value for our customers, we would prefer to spend our resources on developing new products and not managing infrastructure.  An ArcGIS Pro SaaS offering would help us with the goal.

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