Create An Abandon Toolbar/Add-In For Both Water & Sanitary

09-10-2010 12:49 PM
Status: Open
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We have a separate Feature Class for AbandonedLines and AbandonedDevices.  We would like to see the following tools:
1. A tool that could essentially disconnect features from the geometric network (Split Lines and Disconnect).
2. A tool that will import (append) selected features to this AbandonedLine (or AbandonDevice) feature class, and delete the selected features from the origin feature class after the features have been moved to the abandoned featureclass(es).
3. In addition, once something has been adbandoned it would be nice if the tool could then do a trace and find all other features that are affected by the abandonment and also copy them to the adbandoned featureclass(es).

Good idea. I have a simple model that will do the second step for me. Basically just Append selected to abandoned feature class, and then Delete the original selected features. I don't know if you need the first step, I don’t know if you would need to disconnect the features before deleting, at least it hasn't caused me any problems so far. Of course you would need to split a line at its abandoned point if the entire line isn't being abandoned. Your third steps is smart, as it is I have to make sure everything that will be affected by the abandonment is selected when I run my model. Otherwise I have floating lines or valves that I find later on and have to clean up.
I would most certainly be interested in seeing what you have done. I hope this idea for an enhancement would be useful for others. It seems to take a tremendous amount of burden off of the users. My email
1) in my model the abandoned lines is not participating in the network. In the real world i must fist close all valves, then i cut the pipe and last abandoned pipes. The abandoned pipes are not traceable. So it's not necessary that the tool spil and disconnect, because it's possible cut and paste from a network feature to a simple feature. The problem is the cut operation where the attribute aren't copied in the destination class.

2) the abandoned pipe has the same attributes of the in service pipe plus other attributes like abandoned date, etc. So would be nice that the tool, after cut (copy original attribute - delete the geometry of original pipe) and paste (paste geometry and paste original attribute) in the destination class, visualize the attribute window only for the added attribute of abandoned pipe. But the last I can do with the 10 release.

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I agree with ibailey, the first step is not needed. You do not have to disconnect from the network. RE. #3, it would be nice if the tool would delete the orphan network junctions as well.
I agree this that would be a great addition. I would also add that we do the same regarding have 2 abandoned classes, one for abandoned lines and another for abandoned devices. However, we also have both a potable and a recycled network and abandon both to the same general abandoned feature classes. Currently we have custom code that cuts and pastes the objects with attributes intact, but also adds a value to a field to know which original network it was abandoned from.

Following this, the main reason we need to know which network it came from is in case the object needs to be restored, either due to a mistake, or the rare instance when it is put back in service. That brings me to the need for the reverse of abandon, which is a complimentary "restore" tool.
ArcGIS for Local Government offers a set of tools for handling abandoned infrastructure in the Infrastructure Network Editing download available here: