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Create a GeoCloud Platform to Provide services on cloud base native

11-08-2022 06:17 AM
Status: Closed
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Arcgis allow people to use azure or AWS clouds, but the implementation is based on virtualization and hosting, why not think to create a geo cloud, to allow geographic solutions on the native way for ArcGIS, in that way ArcGIS can provide SAS or Functions and developers can include their own solutions, the idea is not to deal with all the configurations in order to have the ArcGIS servers working, is better to pay a cloud with all of the stuff perfectly installed shared resources that are a lot cheaper than own the resources.

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Status changed to: Needs Clarification

It isn't quite clear what the idea is here. Given that this is submitted in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange, is the ask to provide ArcGIS Pro as a virtual solution? I don't think so because you cite that ArcGIS (Pro?) can already be delivered virtually and that isn't what you want.

I'm assuming you are already aware of ArcGIS Online (which is Saas, you mentioned SAS, but you're looking for something different...) and ArcGIS Platform

Can you please help us understand what you're looking for by providing more details, and maybe some examples of what you'd like to see/how you'd like to use this new "thing"?


Status changed to: Closed

Closed pending clarification.