Create 3D plane from dip/strike measurements

08-07-2012 09:21 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I'd like to see a tool that allows the creation of a 3D plane given a point (or a coordinate pair) and direction and inclination angles. This would be very useful when using geologic field data, such as bedding measurements, which are point locations with associated dip (inclination angle) and strike (direction, between 0 and 360).
The tool would also need an input for the size of the output plane, either as dimensions (length and width) or provided by an existing polygon feature.

This could be similar to the existing editing function that allows to create a line of a certain length and angle from a starting point but would also need information for the third dimension. It could be even more useful if this were a tool that can use a point data set with appropriate attributes as input data. 

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Perhaps some of the the “Visibility” tools in 10.2 might be possible to reverse or switch 2 of the 3 unknowns to provide a solution… see an overview of the visibility toolset at: