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Correct Scale Bar Element Size

11-04-2012 03:56 PM
Status: Already Offered
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When using a scale bar with the unit of measurement below the bar, the graphic element box should reduce in size so that centring the element provides the expected result. Currently the element is much wider than it needs to be and results in the scale bar not being able to be centred properly when using the align option on the contect menu.

The image below shows the horizontal centre of the element, which is almost 25% of the length of the scale bar away from the actual centre of the scale bar (the centre point shoulf be at the '4' division).

In fact, this just appears to be a problem when the Scale Bar has its anchor point set to one of the left or right edge points. So in the image above, the anchor point is set to the bottom-right corner. If the anchor point is changed to bottom centre the alignment inside the box is fine, so how about just fixing the alignment so the blank space isn't included??
Status changed to: Already Offered

Scale bar fitting strategies and element anchor points allow this to work in ArcGIS Pro.