Copy "Map Surrounds" to another Map Frame

11-10-2021 02:15 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to be able to copy and paste map surrounds from one map frame to another. It it possible to copy the map surrounds like North Arrow or Scale Bar, but when trying to paste them to another Map Frame, it inserts them into the original one. 

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I'm not on the layout team, but my guess this is to help a user understand that the element is explicitly associated with a certain map frame.  

In this example, if I copy/paste the north arrow and put it in my second map frame, it is incorrect:


It should be associated with the Copy - North Right Map.


So just to clarify, is your expected workflow to click on a second/third/fourth Map Frame and when you click paste the element is added to that frame and automatically associated with the clicked Map Frame?


Yes, exactly. If I want the same style and size and other properties, it would be nice to simply be able to copy them into the new map frame.