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Copy maps and layouts to new project

07-14-2022 05:20 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I very often want/need to copy an old map or layout into a new project. However, if there is no map or layout in the aprx, there is now way to paste it. This means I have to insert a new map or layout, then paste my map or layout, and then go back and delete the new one. It's unnecessary and I would very much appreciate the possibility to just paste maps and layouts without having to insert a new and unwanted one. 

I know I can import maps and layouts but this all seems like the long way around and it would be much simpler to just copy + paste. 


Hi, this works in Pro 3.0. You can drag and drop a map or layout from one project to another, even if the second project doesn't have a map or layout. Just drop it anywhere on the catalog pane or catalog view--it will create the container and put the item inside it.


Status changed to: Already Offered

I agree with @TimOrmsby on this one. This is works through drag/drop in ArcGIS Pro 3.0 without the need to have an existing map or layout in the target project.


That is great to hear! Unfortunately, we always seem to be about one release behind the official one at the office. Looking forward to it! Thanks.


@IlkaIllers1 make sure that you review Get Ready for ArcGIS Pro 3.0 to ensure a smooth update when you/your organization is ready!


@IlkaIllers1 Please give the drag/drop of maps and layouts from an existing project to a new project a try in Pro 2.9, if you are using that version. I believe we fixed this for maps, layouts, reports and some other items in that version of Pro. We fixed this for other items like folder connections in 3.0, but can't remember exactly which items are supported for this in which release. 


@AletaVienneau It DOES work! I am wondering though why it didn't a couple of days ago when I wrote this? But I have been experiencing some other weird software issues, so maybe it was just stuck and didn't show that neat little plus sign that appears now. Thank you.