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Copy in Attribute table column

12-13-2018 12:50 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II

It would be nice, if you can select a column in ArcMap table and transfer the data with copy and paste to a another programm.


You can already:

  1. hide all the columns you are not interested in
  2. select all rows
  3. right click in the far left column (the one that has the black arrow row indicator and select "Copy Selected"
  4. paste into your desired application

I think it is important that I select only one columm of the Table and copy them


That is why you hide all the other columns, then copy the column you want.


Not a direct solution but you can use Table to Excel tool to create a spreadsheet then extract the data from there.


I know it. But the directly way is the best way. In a lot of situation I need a fast clever way to select only one column and copy only one column. Is it a problem to code this in ArcMap? 


I will add, it would be nice to just be able to copy and paste column values between tables in ArcGIS Pro, let alone copy to external programs like Excel. This simple functionality would have saved me a ton of time copying results from analysis derived layers into the parent layer.