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Convert Labels to Annotations based on Mapframe extent

05-01-2023 06:14 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I would like to have annotations be able to be created off the extent of a map, specifically the extent of a map frame in a layout.

Frequently, when converting labels to Annotations, the labels are all more or less where I want them to be, and just need tweaks. However, when converting to annotation, their positions completely change. In the case of a few highway labels, I had to go halfway across the state to find them and move them back to where they should be. Another time, I had the labels for contours neatly lined up then, upon conversion, they scattered.

What I would like, to avoid this, is for the conversion tool to take the current extent into account and place the converted annotations exactly as they were when they were labels. 

Labelling already does a decent job of placing itself where you want it (Or at least making sure everything within view is labelled); I'd love to see that logic carry over to the conversion tool.



Does your layout have rotation applied to it?


It does not. Very standard-looking layout, map oriented north, etc.


The Extent parameters in the Convert Labels To Annotation tool define the extent that will be converted and labels shouldn't be created outside that extent. Choose Current Display Extent from the Extent menu to pre-fill the extent parameters describing the extent of the layout.


If you're already doing this and still getting anno created outside your map's extent, I recommend contacting Technical Support  and they will be able to carefully troubleshoot the issue you're having with your map. 

Status changed to: Already Offered

The Convert Labels to Annotation tool has an extent parameter.  Select the Current Display Extent option to base the extent on the active map or scene