Conversion of shapefiles to gpx

03-12-2015 04:09 PM
Status: Implemented
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We use mobile mapping app called MotionX-GPS. In order to view shapefiles they have to be converted to GPX format. Current work process to do this is awkward -  ArcMap to create kmz, unzip kmz to kml via extraction sw (7-zip), convert kml to gpx using GPSBabel. Would love to be able to convert, individually and/or as a batch, shapefiles into gpx formatted files compatible with Motion-GPX.

Try this tool, which should allow direct creation of GPX files:
Agreed.  In  the meantime, Layer to GPX (as suggested by swalbridge) and DNRGPS do a good job.  We find that the ArcMap application link for DNRGPS is a bit 'twitchy' but when you use it to convert shapefiles, it's quite solid.  Our emergency services team use it on deployment for capturing active fire fronts, etc.
I find it absurd that a major Geospatial Software vendor would not support the two way management of an open geospatial format.  GPs eXchange.  This should be core functionality.


You can also get this direct from github: sample-gp-tools/FeaturesToGPX at master · arcpy/sample-gp-tools · GitHub 

I thought Pro might do it but it seems that Pro natively supports reading but not writing GPX.


For those still looking for a solution in 2020 and beyond. The "Features to GPX" tool suggested above creates a GPX file, but I have not been able to use these GPX files in Garmin products without errors (I am using ArcMap 10.6). Two alternatives:

1. There are various online converters. The "mygeodata" converter works great but only allows for three free conversions.

2. For those who also use QGIS, it includes as core functionality, the option to easily export in GPX format. The resulting GPX files have never given me any errors or other problems.

Status changed to: Implemented

Just ran across this idea - I realize it is aged but wanted to note that Features To GPX (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation was added to ArcGIS Pro 2.6.