Control of Key Label numbering table

03-21-2013 09:07 AM
Status: Open
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Labeling using Key Numbering works well, there is no cotrol to how the numbered list appears on your layout. I think we should be able to configure
- if the Key Numbering list should be split-up or displayed as one list for all Numberd Lables on the page
- the appearance of the Key Numbering list box.
For example, we are currenlty working with a map book in Production Mapping, and the Key Label list is split up all over the place and hard to find. It would be so much better is we could set the Key Labels to appear as a single list in a defined location on the layout with a transparent backgroud to help read it.

would love to hear comments from others on this


Even the ability to change display properties on the Key Numbering would be helpful.  Possibly display properties like legends have, where users could specify borders or a background color or whitewash background.
I would like to change the line spacing when using Key Numbering.
the ability to reposition the key numbering list would also be useful

You mean to date this suggestion has never been addressed! I'm struggling with the cluttered key number lists and I can find a solution  10 years later.