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Consume GeoRSS directly into ArcGIS Desktop.

07-15-2014 07:32 PM
Status: Open
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Currently to consume a GeoRSS feed into ArcGIS Desktop  you must have a licensed instance of the interoperability extension installed.

However in ArcExplorer you have had the ability to add a GeoRSS feed to your product for years.

Most emergency management agency’s are or have the ability to publish a GeoRSS feed, however as GIS professionals we cannot use these feeds in ArcGIS Desktop to support incidents unless we can convince the bean counters spend extra dollars on extensions.

Sometimes a GeoRSS feed is the only reliable (and up-to-date) source of information available.  

Can we please have this functionality added to ArcGIS Desktop.

I think the best option would be a backwards compatible .esri add-in

I am sure the cleaver guys and girls at ESRI could do this with one hand tied behind their backs for at least the 10.x version.

Thank you 

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There is example code here to show you how to create a custom layer based upon an RSS feed. You could probably get one of your developers to have a look at this if you need this functionality now?

Equally have tried searching the gallery for GeoRSS feeds. I have the interop extension installed but I have no license for it and they load and display for me...