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Consistent shape field names

03-23-2023 12:04 AM
Status: Open
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ArcGIS Pro 3.1

In mobile geodatabases, the shape column is named st_length(Shape)



That's different from other geodatabase types like file and enterprise geodatabases: the shape field in those GDBs is called Shape_Length .

File geodatabase:


Should mobile geodatabases be changed so that the shape column is called Shape_Length ? Or is there a reason why the field needs to be named st_length(Shape)? (an ST_Geometry thing)

Also, I noticed that the shape column in mobile geodatabases can have an alias. Whereas a file geodatabase doesn't allow an alias on the shape field. Is that intentional?


Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thanks for the Idea, @Bud.

Geometry columns created using our tools generally default to the field name  'Shape', 'shape', or 'SHAPE' depending on the type of geodatabase they're in.  Users are also able to redefine what columns are used for the geometry as they see fit. 

The other fields you are mentioning are derived fields that are a product of the geometry type being used. The st_length(shape) field name is an artifact of the geometry type used in mobile geodatabases. Similar to how each RDBMS also provides their own naming conventions based on the spatial type used to store the geometry. I do not see the 'Shape_Length' field name being used as a convention across other geodatabases as you have mentioned. Just the fgdb. Looking in a few different geodatabases, I see these field names differ regularly, and include names like 'SHAPE.LEN", "Shape.STLength()", as well as "st_length(shape)".  There are likely more variations on this. 

Users are able to provide aliases for any of these fields, including in file geodatabases. 

Status changed to: Open