Complimentary/contrasting color suggestion tool

09-18-2020 06:33 AM
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Under symbology have a tool that would offer a complimentary/contrasting color to background colors to help make points "pop".  That way, if unusual colors are being used there would be an easier way to identify suggested colors for point symbology. The tool would be something similar to the eye dropper tool in paint but would offer a complimentary and contrasting color selection in the symbology pane when editing point symbology colors.


Thank you for submitting this idea Dana Napier‌  I don't think it had a Category, so I just wanted to clarify - is this for ArcGIS Pro?  Or another product?  For now, I've added it as an ArcGIS Desktop (ArcGIS Pro) request and tagged it as such, but if you were requesting it for something else (say, ArcGIS Online), please let us know.



Not an integrated tool and perhaps only partially related, but there are many specialised online free apps like  great if you have a brand colours you want to play off. 

Then there are ones like  and I also love for some great inspirations too.. 

There are many other online tools out there (that I'm sure you're well aware of ), but paletton is my pick for easy hex code drops to easily generate a range of complimentary, split compl combos etc


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This suggestion would ideally be all platforms, but at a minimum ArcGIS Pro. 


Ideally it would be across all platforms, but at a minimum ArcGIS Pro.