Color from Line to Points or Polygon

08-24-2015 07:13 AM
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It is frustrating when one wants to create symbols with the colors from polylines to polygons you have to create the colors 2 times.  Not a big deal when you have a handful of attribute differences to color.

However when you have hundreds of different attributes it is very time cosuming.

I would like to see the ability to use the colors for a an attribute in one feature type used in the second feature that is not the same type.

Example.  I have 573 unique line sections.  I want to color all lines and points with same color based on the LineSection attribute.  This can be quick and simply way to help find errors in data.


You can simple reuse a symbology defined in a line feature to a polygon or point feature. Export your symbology to a style and then reuse symbology by match this style in another layer.

  1. Use "Export Map Styles" from one layer
  2. Use "Match to symbols in a style" in your second layer

Note: You must load icon "Export Map Styles" in Customize.


Within a map, polygon and point feature classes can be coloured according to a symbology defined in either .lyrx or .stylx.

I have a symbology created for a geological map with many different colours and i would like to apply this same colouring to a point feature class.

i cannot do this from a .lyrx file despite the same colour pallettes used for both types of feature class.

why would this be the case?

can ArcGIS pro not just take the colour codes from the polygons assigned to an attribute and assign those same colours to a point feature class with the same attribute code?

to remake the entire symbology for a new feature class is just too labourious to consider....


I support this request.

i also asked the same question on stack exchange years ago.

still havnt found out how to do it.


I tried testing the approach above and could not get it to work.  Tried going from line to polygon and vice versa; doesn't allow for import.  Suppose it makes sense because the symbology for lines and polygons are completely different ... but I figured I would give it a shot because like the OP mentioned, it's quite annoying to match colors between layers with 100's of records ...