Color coding for file names

05-23-2013 12:44 PM
Status: Open
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As far as I know, ESRI has not released a best practices document on file naming, other than length, no special characters, no spaces, etc.. Until this exists -- and it may never -- it will be difficult to organize disparate data in one geodatabase. As a highly "visual" software, where many users rely less on text than on imagery, I would love to see the ability to color code file names, as is possible on a Mac. Instead of searching though 200 names looking for a file with an obscur name, you know to look for purple.
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I would not be happy with colours unless they are accessible as a descriptive attribute for programming.

My experience with users colour coding cells in Excel has been awful. It is impossible to convert the colours to codes for scripting analysis without very low level coding if at all. I had to go through and add more classification columns and then add a legend to show what they meant.