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Cloud Data Warehouse - Add DOUBLE Data type as supported unique identifier for Snowflake

03-04-2022 12:33 PM
Status: Open
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When connecting to Snowflake as the data source and adding a spatial table to the map, Pro chooses a field as the Unique identifier, most often the user has to override this default field to the correct unique identifier from the table.

If the unique identifier for the table is a DOUBLE data type, ArcPro throws an error “Failed to Load Page of Rows” when attempting to open the attribute table, this error also prohibits the ‘identify’ tool to work in Pro. 

  • This attribute is set as an integer NUMBER(12,0) data type at the source oracle database, denodo database, and snowflake level

As a workaround I was able to use the CAST function in the query to change the DOUBLE to a TEXT. Example:

cast(uspip_id as varchar(50)) as uspip_id,WKT,GEOGRAPHY from

Request is for Pro to support a DOUBLE data type as the Unique Identifier when using Cloud Data Warehouses such as Snowflake. Otherwise the end user needs to implement a work around to eliminate the error being thrown in Pro.