Clipping 3bands raster tool

12-21-2018 05:53 AM
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It'd be nice to be able to clip any 3band raster like any one else. For now we have to extract each of these three bands, clip every one of them, and then use the Composite bands tool to reassemble the raster. It's a quite heavy method..

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I just clipped a 3 band raster in ArcMap and output a 3 band raster:

And in Pro:

Can you provide some more details about the request?  In what situations do you need to clip each band individually and then composite?

Thank you.


Thanks for your answer.

I already get this kind of result with this 3bands raster clip tool :

As you can see, it created some non-NoValue cells (2,2,2 or this kind) on the edge of my Output extent. Then I asked for a solution to the support and they advised me to do this (explode in three rasters, clip each of them, and reassemble it)