Clip using only selected feature(s) of clip layer

01-02-2013 05:08 PM
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As far as I know, a layer can be Clipped only by Clipping using all the features of another layer.  If I want to clip using only a particular feature within a layer, it is necessary to first select that feature, then export it to a new feature class, and finally use this new feature class to clip the original layer. 

You then have to repeat this process for each desired feature.  It would be very handy if the clip command had something like "clip using selected feature".

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The Clip tool works with selected features. If I want to Clip features in 'Layer X' using only two polygons from 'Layer Y' then I simply select those two polygons in 'Layer Y' and add it as the clip feature in the clip tool.

If you want to clip polygons in 'Layer X' using another polygon in the SAME layer, then:
start an edit session
select the polygon you want to clip with 
go to the editor toolbar and select Editor--> Clip...
Ta Da, everything below the selected polygon will have been clipped.
this is implemented in 10.x and possibly earlier, although i believe there was an earlier version which did require the process described in the original post

Is there any way to do this for the erase function?  I end up using the workflow described in the original post except for erase instead of clip, for essentially cutting out holes in polygons that are all in the same layer.