Click to hide window (TOC, Catalog, Toolbox, Search, etc)

09-28-2010 02:38 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

It would be nice if you could click on the site tab of a docked window to make it hide when it is not pinned.  I like that you can hide these windows to maximize your workspace.  The problem comes up when I need to work on the area covered by the window.  I need to pin and then unpin the window to make it minimize or just sit and wait.  The TOC also blocks the tool to switch between the data view and the layout view.  If I can click on the tab to make the window hide, I can avoid these delays.

I would like to see this simple and elegant functionality as well.  The first thing I did was click the tab to see if it re-hid the open window.  Click to open & click for immediate hide.
This is exactly what I was thinking now that I have my windows docked in arcmap.  It is very frustrating when I need to switch to layout view, but my TOC is hiding the button!  Thanks ktroutman, for suggesting this.