Clearing Basemap Layer Caches

05-10-2011 10:34 AM
Status: Open
Esteemed Contributor
I really like the new Basemap layer object in ArcGIS v10, but I would like to have more control over clearing the cache. In this case I would like to be able to select the layers whose cache I would like to clear.

Every week I clear the cache for layers that have been updated over the weekend.  All other basemap layers that are static have also had their cache cleared, so the layers are again dynamic the first time I use them.  This occurs every week, so my map layers are slower at the beginning of the week until the basemap layers are cached once I view them in ArcGIS Desktop.

The ability to select the layers whose cache should be cleared would allow me to always have the static layers cached, so this weekly slowdown would not occur.