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Clarify the docs: Load ST_Geometry extension to mobile GDB — Use full path of .DLL

04-03-2023 07:46 PM
Status: Closed
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As discussed with @MarlonAmaya in Load ST_GEOMETRY .dll extension into SQLite/mobile geodatabase:

The Load ST_Geometry to a mobile geodatabase for SQL access docs say:

Load the ST_Geometry library.

This example loads the ST_Geometry library to an SQLite database on a Microsoft Windows computer:

SELECT load_extension('stgeometry_sqlite.dll','SDE_SQL_funcs_init');

The file path in that example doesn't include the full path. I found that misleading; I believe the full path is needed.

In my case, I downloaded the .DLL to a folder on my C drive called "SQLite": C:\SQLite\Windows64\. So I had to include that full path:

SELECT load_extension('C:\SQLite\Windows64\stgeometry_sqlite.dll','SDE_SQL_funcs_init');

Once I used the full path, I was able to load the .DLL as expected.

If what I've said is accurate, could the docs be changed so that it's clear the full path is needed? That would help avoid confusion for people in the future.


Status changed to: Closed

Thanks for the Idea @Bud,

This looks like it would be best addressed with feedback on the doc page directly. If you click the "Feedback on the Topic?" link in the lower right-hand corner of the doc page you linked, you can submit requests for changes to the doc. That way it will get directly to those who work with the doc. 


Hi @SSWoodward,

I've submitted feedback as you've suggested. But unfortunately, my experience has been that submitting feedback using the feedback button has been a waste of time. I'm not aware of any instances where my feedback resulted in a change.

Whereas submitting ideas for improvements has been more successful. Examples:

I'll give the feedback button option one last shot, but realistically, I might just stop submitting feedback to Esri about issues I see in the docs. Since it doesn't seem to be a good use of my time.



Please clarify that the full path of the .DLL should be used when loading the ST_Geometry extension into a mobile GDB.


Could I ask that Esri staff please reply to me either way? I've submitted feedback in the past several times but didn't hear back or see any changes to the documentation. So unfortunately, that leads me to believe that submitting feedback using the feedback button is a waste of time. It would help to get acknowledgement that the feedback was received and a summary of the action that was taken (or not taken and why).