Change the default path for Python27

09-27-2018 09:01 AM
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I see this has been implemented in ArcGIS Pro. Installation of Python by the ArcGIS installer should be in a sandbox, not globally 

Any plans to get this done in ArcGIS 10.6.x ? I have other stuff that wants c:\ Python27 . If ArcGIS can't play with others, it should put its toys somewhere else.

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Ian Berdanier‌, can you describe what specifically you'd like to see with this? By default, 10.x will create a new C:\Python27\ArcGIS10.x directory so as not to compete with the top-level C:\Python27 directory. Because of how Python is implemented in 10.x and the workflows that would break by moving to an isolated model, there are no plans to modify the Python installation. You can, however, use virtualenv and similar tools to allow environment isolation, or use Anaconda and link into your 10.x Python environment.



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ArcGIS already places its environments into a separate C:\Python27\ArcGIS<Version> subdirectory, and no change is expected from this pattern going forward.