Change symbology in layout: TOC jumps to beginning/end

12-06-2021 08:32 AM
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If I change the symbology of a layer in a layout, the TOC keeps jumping to the beginning or end (top or bottom), so that I keep having to scroll down. It would be great if it didn't do that; it doesn't in a map, just the layout.

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I do not see this behavior when changing symbology in a layout in ArcGIS Pro 2.9.


If there are reproducible steps, this is probably a better candidate for a bug rather than an idea.  If you are able to share reproducible steps, please do and I'll try.  


This was a problem in older versions of Pro, but was fixed in more recent upgrades. Starting around 2.7 or 2.8 you shouldn't see this behavior. What version are you using? 


I am using 2.8, so it shouldn't occur here?

I tried to list step-by-step what is happening but kept getting lots of different results - jumping to random feature classes, to the top or bottom, nothing happening. This is the second time today that something in Pro is not working as it should, so I might just put it down as a problem or bug on my end. 

I am not sure how to provide reproducible steps, since I can't provide the data or share a video of it happening due to data privacy issues. 

Sorry to have wasted your time, I can't explain these random malfunctions today!

Status changed to: Already Offered

It wasn't a waste, it's always good to double check these things. I'm marking this as closed for now, if you still run into issues please let us know or reach out to tech support.