Change Max sample value for vectors

01-12-2012 01:26 PM
Status: Open
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There are several max seettigs for raster sampling.
When ausing sampling methods on vector layers 10,000 is the max sample allowed. 
Documentation exists to continue and change the max. 
However that does not persist. 
Every time you sample a dataset with more than 10k object you have to select multiple buttons to (override) and get the dataset sampled. 

Provide a setting that could be overridden perhaps in advanced settings utility.

This would go along with the nimbus for the same issue.
It will be great to be able to override the 10k "Maximum sample size". I always work with large amount of dataset.

I am constantly using large databases (parcel level data).  I am constantly having to work around the 10,000 sample limit when trying to display my data with a graduated color.  Usually after I manually adjust the sampling limit the color ramp options are unavailable and other problems occur.  Currently, I have to use Qgis whenever I’m trying to display these large databases.  ArcMap is a much better program in many ways, but for those of us using databases larger than 10,000 entries, it is difficult to continue using.  An option to permanently change this limitation would be extremely helpful for many of us.


Adding a way to access this value via python would also be extremely helpful. Perhaps through the symbology class.


I totally agree that the 10k vector sample limit should be raised significantly. Or better: Put the value into a registry entry that the user can modify once for all. Like Noël, I mostly work on large vector datasets, and this limit is SO annoying.