Change font size of Identify

07-13-2012 08:20 AM
Status: Closed
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Currently the contents displayed in ArcMap's Identify window are at a fixed font size. Since I am struggling to read the text displayed in this rather small font size, I would like the ability to EASILY change its font to a size more suited to my needs. Not all of us are 20 something’s with great vision, ESRI programmers. :-).
We are finding this to be an issue with our work force. They have all the menu headings text enlarged but they can't enlarge the identify window text. Ability to change the font size in the window would be a great enhancement
Yes. I am always changing the font size in my tables to be larger. I'd like to be able to increase the font size in my identify window as well. 

The last entry here is already pretty old but nothing has changed. The problem is still there, ESRI, and waits to be solved!

Status changed to: Closed

Closing this as the idea was originally submitted for the Identify tool in ArcMap, and no further enhancements are being made to ArcMap at this time. The Explore tool in ArcGIS Pro provides a pop-up which is the analogous workflow. In the pop-up holding the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel will scale the contents.

Change Font Size Popup.gif

 I hope this helps!