Cemetery Mapping

11-15-2012 10:45 AM
Status: Open
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Working for a small municipality we only had one very old map of the local cemetery so I decided to try and create a new one using GIS.  I created a polygon layer, drawing each cemetery plot, populating the attribute table with all of the information we had on file. I created a field that was either populated with "occupied", "reserved" or "available" for colour display purposes.  The only thing I find time consuming now is in order for the labels on each occupied plot to display nicely (Name of person(s) buried) I had turned all of them into annotation and edited them that way, now everytime there is a new burial I must go into the attribute table and edit the plot information and then add a new annotation for that plot.  Maybe there is an easier way to do all of this?? 
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I posted something similar to this.  What we need is a template to work with.  I actually just use the labels, if there is a big issue use Maplex to help position the labels.  I also only allowed the labels to turn on at 1:100 or closer. I told it to use regular placement, horizontal within the polygon and left the May place outside polygon boundary unchecked.  I included name and space id.  Stacking the label also was helpful.