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Case dependent Unique Value search on ArcGIS Pro Select Layer by Attribute tool

10-18-2018 07:02 AM
Status: Implemented
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I have found a frustrating quirk in the Unique Value search in the SQL Expression related to the Select Layer by Attribute tool, ArcGIS Pro v2.2.3.  You have to know the letter case (upper or lower case) of what you are searching for otherwise no results.  This was not an issue in ArcMap, letter case did not matter for results.  I don’t always know the case the attributes were entered with, especially in unfamiliar data sets.  This needs to be addressed.

Ex)   Lower case v = no results                                            Upper case V = results



I would think this is a bug?


Todd LaQuay‌ Thank you for pointing this out.  I think it is an opportunity for improvement!

When you say that letter case didn't matter for results in ArcMap, can you give an example?

I tested in ArcMap and here is what I see:

When I use lowercase, no attributes are found.  When I use all uppercase, which is how the attribute is stored, the expression works.  So case does matter in the expression.

I'm just wondering how we can compare the two since ArcMap doesn't use intellisense and Pro does.

In Pro, it looks like we see the same behavior:

Because it's just a SQL expression and case does matter.

So if you can point out where in ArcMap letter case doesn't matter, that could be helpful here.  But I think it is clear the intellisense in Pro might be improved if it weren't case sensitive.


So I am referring to the “Get Unique Values” search on a string field.  Here is my process in ArcMap:

FENAME = Click the “Get Unique Values” and in “Go To” type a lower case r.  That result takes me to the r section of my attributes.  The case (upper or lower) does not matter here.  See below that closing out the Selection window and starting fresh, but instead typing an upper case R yields the same results taking me to the same section of my attributes list.

ArcMap lower case:



ArcMap upper case:

So this is my issue with ArcGIS Pro, attempting a similar “Unique Value” search as I had shown at the beginning of the post gives no results if you do not know the letter case of the string you are searching for.  I understand that it has to be the correct case in the SQL expression in order to yield any results and if I was able to find the attribute through the “Unique Value” search I would and add that correct case attribute value to my expression.

I hope this explanation helps.  Additionally I have been screen sharing with tech support to show them what I was talking about.


Extremely helpful, Todd.  This makes it very clear.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.


Status changed to: Implemented

I just checked on this again (ArcGIS Pro 2.7.3) and it appears that this issue was resolved since the idea was posted.  Letter case does not matter - the cursor will go to the letter regardless of whether you enter upper case or lower case.


ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2 the case sensitivity issue is back 


Hi @DaisyCaranay1 I just tested in 2.9.2 and typing in a lower case case letter takes me to the corresponding value in the pick list even though it is upper case. Do you have a specific example/steps that you can share?