Call metadata fields through dynamic text

11-16-2010 11:26 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I'd like to automatically call sources of the data used in my map from the metadata and display the citation in the layout using dynamic text. Automatic data sourcing like this would dramatically improve layout workflows and ensure source accuracy.

This idea would require the ability to display metadata fields using dynamic text, but I'd also like to suggest a standard "Citation" field in metadata which would contain suitable sourcing information for display on the page.

This may also be useful for citing the data publication date, author, credits, etc.

 This is a great enterprise level idea
This is an excellent idea - it will greatly reduce the amount of human error in the sourcing box in the legend, as the cartographer will not have to continuously remember to update the data sources in their map templates.
Excellent idea; I think it must have been already implemented by ESRI to be compliant in terms of sourcing, to prevent errors and improve productivity.
Status changed to: Already Offered

The ability to include map metadata as dynamic text is available in ArcGIS Pro. See for more information on metadata tags.