Calculate the Bearing of a Line

09-26-2012 06:39 PM
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It would be great if we could calculate the bearing of a line into a field through the 'Calculate Geometry' function (or even a field calculator script?) in the attribute table.

The only way I have found to do this is through the 'Spatial Statistics' - 'Measuring Geographic Distributions' - 'Linear Directional Mean' tool, which is a bit convoluted for something that seems so logical to need. That particular tool doesn't even come up when you search for tools related to "bearing".


The COGO method you mentioned is many steps to get what should be a simple built in feature / not requiring customization. The COGO toolbar doesnt allow to simply select a layer... you have select it on the map via a click.

Not sure how the app is attempting to note the bearing of a line feature with multiple parts. You get a single line bearing as a result, despite having numerous parts. I take it you would need to break the feature into multiple parts first...


Data Management Tools > Features > Add Geometry Attributes

and select Line Bearing from the available fields to calculate


Does anyone know if the Line Bearing, via the 'Add Geometry Attributes' tool, is calculated based on Map/Grid North, True North, or Magnetic North?  Thanks.