Calculate Geometry from Attributes window

08-27-2010 01:38 PM
Status: Open
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When editing in a table, you can right-click on a field and choose Calculate Geometry. I would be nice if this feature was made an option within the Attributes editing window.

Or if you could change the display units in the Shape.area field with a dropdown selection, much like the location display units in the Identify window.
 Calculate Geometry in cell context menu (applicable to current cell or selected cells in the field).

In my workflow I move and add new points that need to have their geometry calculated. Now I have to open open the attribute table, right click on the field, click calculate geometry, and then choose my parameters. I would love to be able to right click on the field in the attribute window and choose calculate geometry from there. It would save me many steps and a good deal of time. I’m currently on 10.3.1, but I was told at the UC that this is still not available at any release, including Pro.


I've marked this reviewed, but wanted to make sure you knew about Attribute Rules in ArcGIS Pro.  You can set up immediate calculation rules so that you don't have to Calculate Geometry at all.  Just move your points and the geometry updates automatically.*

*Working with Attribute Rules does require a Standard or Advanced license.

9-16-21: Merging with a previous idea requesting the same functionality.