Cadastral Quadrant Helper

12-09-2010 08:51 AM
Status: Open
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I work with cadastrals at my job almost every single day.  When I want to find a specific quarter quarter quarter section I zoom way in to the section, draw a square the size of that section, and then draw smaller squares within the big square to break that square into 4 parts.  I keep doing this until I find my quarter quarter quarter section (for example ABD). 

I took a PETRA class and built into their software they have a tool that overlays this quarter quarter section grid automatically on top of the section so you can find your well location with ease.  Sure beats drawing all the squares in by hand to find the spot I need.

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Interesting - How are fractional and not-so-square sections handled?  Did you have to indicate the corners of the quarter-section with the PETRA tool?