Buffer on lines - no overlap and split the difference

03-28-2013 01:00 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
The Buffer tool should have an additional option when buffering from lines, especially lines in the form of a network like transmission lines, streams, pipelines, etc.

The option should be something like "no overlap - split the difference"  with the results like the graphic below.
This is useful for overlaying buffers onto resource layers to quantify environmental impacts.
Absence of this option requires user to create elaborate models or undertake manual editing to accomplish the desired results.

I buffer ditches as part of my work (to represent potential removal of wetland hydrology).  This is an interesting concept.  Would love to see more options for buffer end types as well. 
Maybe I don't understand, but it sounds like you're talking about performing an interect on buffers, something that could easily be automated by joining the processes in ModelBuilder.  Either that, or you might be able to create the desired buffers by trying different tool settings, such as dissolve. (I am dismayed to see some side_type and end_type options are only available with the ArcInfo license)