Bring Back Topology Node Selection

07-07-2014 09:34 AM
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Prior to 10x users could facilitate the selection of only topology nodes by using the 'N' key. This made it easier to break off an edge and reconnect it at another intersection. While this can still be accomplished at 10x, the user now has to zoom in to be able to click the perfect spot to find the node. Sometimes it will take the user several tries.

It would be nice if the user only had to hold the 'n' key and make the selection once.0EME0000000U6uy

Yes, I really miss the 'n' key too.
by Anonymous User
Hopefully we made the split-move functionality easier by not having to use nodes at all, see Moving an edge and reconnecting it at another location.

Its hard to let nodes go though, so we'll keep it in mind.

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